• Environmental Policy

    We are committed to promoting ,developing and achieving highest safety standards by implementing best industrial HSE practices at work. This is achieved by complying with regulatory requirements, mandatory implementation of HSE systems and practices with in the premises by continually creating awareness, and monitoring operations to ensure compliance.

  • Quality Policy

    Our policy is to provide products and service of the highest quality which will fully satisfy our customers’ requirements. It will be implemented, monitored, nurtured and maintained by having a continuing quality improvement programme, which will be achieved through our people, working together for success.

About Us

The company aims to specialize in all kinds of hot rolled and built-upstructural steel fabrication, catering to oil and gas sectors, aviation, specialized and heavy fabrication.

Address: P.O.Box498 , PC 217 , Al Auqadeen, Raysut Industrial Estate, Salalah SULTANATE OF OMAN
Phone: +968 9660 5858
Email: marketing@dhofarstructure.com